We help small businesses grow

Web Design

We view a great website as the central point of a small business marketing strategy.

We build mobile-responsive sites, so that customers can easily learn more about your business on any device.

We specialize in:

  • New Websites
  • Refreshing Old Websites
  • Building Wordpress sites

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your site completely, or give you something that you can update regularly to make announcements or update menus and products for your small business, we can help.

Social Media

It's one thing to just post to social media. It's another to find opportunities that will actually drive results. At BA Strategies we:

  • Analyze your social profiles to identify weak spots
  • Create engaging content that brings in customers
  • Utlize analytics to constantly grow your audience

We go beyond making social media an item on your to-do list. We help small businesses start the conversations that engage customers and build brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can keep your current customers tuned in to your brand, and can make new customers feel like a part of your inner circle. That involves

  • Creating funnels to get new email leads
  • Providing fresh content that interests your audience
  • Customizing email campaigns for each customer's individual needs.

Email marketing can be scary to tackle, but done with a combination of creative content and an analytical eye, BA Strategies can grow your customer base and drive new sales for your small business in the Treasure Coast and Washington, D.C. areas.


Blogging is vital for sucessful small businesses, because it:

  • Boosts search ranking
  • Shows your personality to customers
  • Establishes you as an expert in your field

Small business blogs can help connect with customers in a more personal way, and help answer any questions they may have. If treated like a conversation, a great blog can convince customers why they should shop with you and trust you in their purchasing process.


Search Enging Optimization, or SEO doesn't have to seem like some scary mountain to climb. At its simplest, it means making sure when potential customers are asking questions, they find the answers on your site. SEO can help small businesses:

  • Gain new business leads
  • Drive website traffic
  • Improve your business reputation

Around 70 percent of website visits start with a search, and when someone is looking for a product or service you provide, the right SEO strategy can make it happen. It isn't a one-click fix, but a long-term plan to get you ranked higher.

Online Advertising

For many small businesses, adding an advertising strategy can boost the number of eyes that see your brand.

Don't be scared off by the idea of spending a little money, because our approach involves:

  • Starting with a small budget
  • Analyzing results on a consistent basis
  • Constantly re-targeting to deliver maximum return on investment.

We specialize in social media and search engine advertising, and make sure that every customer knows exactly how their money is being spent and what kind of results it's getting.

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